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DJ Franky

DJ Franky

Franky started as a weekly resident DJ at Terminal in Plaza Gomila & Riu Palace in Arenal, playing both venue’s for 3 years, then moving to various bars and clubs in Mallorca playing at   New Flash Club & Alexandra’s and then playing for Magalluf Club Pass’  Tokio Joes from 1993 till 1997.

In the summer of 1997 Franky started working at Rockefellers, being a native Mallorcian wanted to try something new and spent the winter months in the UK, dj’ing in a few bars andClub´s before heading back to Mallorca working in a number of venues before moving to Banana’s in 2003 to DJ alongside Nacho Logan.

Franky is MCP’s longest serving DJ and has been a resident DJ with Magalluf Club Pass for the last 10 years and has had the pleasure of playing alongside Hed Kandi’s Andy Norman, Andy Daniels, David Dunne, John Jones, Carl Hannigan, Greg Myers and Clublands Flip n Fill, Frisco, Friday Night Posse, Lee S, Pez Tellet, N-Trance Manian, Australian Alex K and Dance Legend SASH! also working with peformers such as Kelly Llorrena & Basshunter.

Franky can be found on the 1210’s at Banana’s every night with fellow DJ Philthy Phil

DJ Philthy Phil

DJ Philthy Phil

DJ Philthy Phil started working as a DJ in a small central pub of his local town Darlington when he was just 16 years old.

He started off dj’ing just for some extra pocket money, as he had a full time day job as a mechanic straight from school in 1998, soon he and others realised he had a lot of potential to go further with his carrier as a dj.

In 2000 he got offered a job in Mardi Gras & New Orleans, the best and biggest club in the town he finished his grease monkey job and solely to focus on his music, working at there for 18 months, Working in the 2 room venue was challenging, as it had 2 different music styles, for each room. house and dance in one room and party and cheese in the other, this gave Philthy Phil a good adaptation of different music styles, and the abilities to read the crowd.

After working in some of the top clubs in the North East of England, the likes of Liquid, Chicago Rock Cafe, Mr Bojangles, The Plastered Parrot, Club 2K and many more. over 40 different venue and party’s.

In 2003 the time was right to move to pastures new. deciding on Magaluf, Mallorca, he set about making a name for himself on the popular tourist island, starting at the Red Lion he worked there for 3 successful years, finally moving to working at the biggest syndicate of clubs on the island, MCP (Magalluf Club Pass) where he has worked at since 2007.

Philthy Phil is the Resident DJ at Bananas with his partner in crime DJ Franky, working with the likes of Hed Kandi, Clubland, Dance Nation, Sash, Basshunter and Tinchy Stryder and you can also see him in the craziest of clubs, Carwash, (next door to Banana’s) which he hosts and DJ’s for the Foam and Paint Glow Party’s.