At 23 years old, B Young is a rising talent on the vanguard of the UK underground, but he is by no means a newcomer. Having recorded his first ever song at the young age of 12, the years since then have seen him honing his craft.

There are two parallel sounds that left a huge impression on Hackney-born artist B Young: 1) the melodious rap bubbling up from Atlanta and the Deep South in the U.S. and 2) the equally melodic Afrobeats/bashment crossover sounds permeating out of London.

In his teens, much like today, B Young split his musical tastes between U.S. rap like 50 Cent and UK influences from grime and garage. From the UK side, he cites titans such as Kano, Dizzee Rascal and Wiley as his chief inspirations. Add to that the influence from his Caribbean friends’ Dancehall music, and his friends of African heritage and their Afrobeats/Afrowave tastes, and the pieces start to fit together.

2017 saw B Young’s explosive return with tracks Cash FlowWanna Know (Remix), London Boy and Been Wavey, and Jumanji, the latter being the hit that would dominate the Official Charts, spending weeks in the top 20!

Catch Him performing Live on Stage at Banana’s on the 8th & 29th July 2019!