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Booomerang Night Club Magalluf
Bananas Night Club Magalluf
Tokio Joes Night Club Magalluf
Carwash Nightclub Magalluf
Honey's Lap Dance Magalluf
Boomerang Terrace Magalluf

What is Magalluf Club Pass?

MCP stands for Magalluf Club Pass which is the only company that owns and operates the 6 top venues on the famous Magalluf Strip:

Our Night Clubs in Magalluf

The MCP Club Pass is your ticket to a great night out, all for one unique price, whether you want the latest Club Tunes from 80’s & 90’s or RnB to Hip Hop or Deep House to Clubland or even a Lap Dance or just chill out on our terrace bar, MCP has it all!!

One ticket only will give you the access to come and go to any of our 5 night clubs or bar throughout the night including all summer events!

How Does The Magalluf Club Pass Work?

There are two ways to enter our clubs:


One night only can be purchased at the door of any our clubs, the door price is the same in all the clubs and no matter where you buy your ticket, you will receive a hand stamp, which entitles you to free admission to all the other clubs, for the duration of that night, and don´t forget all our clubs are open until 6am!


Save money and buy our 1 Week Discount Wristband direct from us to get the best price guaranteed. Once purchased you will simply show your wristband at the door of the first club you visit, pay the compulsory €10 to get your nightly stamp to all 6 venues and a all-inclusive bar throughout the night (including summer events). Best of all, it virtually eliminates the need to queue up at all!!!

Latest News

Banana’s Closing Party with CASCADA Live On Stage – Monday 3rd September (11pm – 6am)

By |September 2nd, 2018|Categories: News|

As the season draws to a close it's time for the Closing Party of Banana's with the last performance live on stage with the Queen of Dance - CASCADA. All Workers Welcome! Magalluf Club Pass [...]

Tokio Joe’s Pure RnB & Hip Hop Closing Party – September 4th – 11pm – 6am

By |September 2nd, 2018|Categories: News|

As the season draws to a close it's time for the Closing Party of Tokio Joe's Pure RnB & Hip Hop. All Workers Welcome! Magalluf Club Pass & Tokio Joe's Pure RnB & Hip Hop [...]

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